These Trolley Bags Promise To Cut Down Time At The Grocery Checkout


Like other reusable shopping bags, you can fill these Trolley Bags with all the supplies you purchase each time out at the grocery store. Unlike them, it can also function as an upright trolley divider, making it easier to pack your things at the checkout than ever before.

Consisting of four individual bags held together by Velcro, it lets you easily organize groceries right on the shopping cart, all while coming apart quickly once you’re loading the bags onto your car. No more holding a bag up with one hand and packing it with another – this thing lets you rack four bags for simultaneous packing using two free hands, which should help cut down a decent amount of time.


Each of the four bags in each Trolley Bags set comes in different colors, so you can use color coding when sorting where each item should go. The bags come in different sizes, as well, going from big to small from one end to another. To use, simply hang the bags at the back of the shopping cart while going around the store, then check out like usual. Once you’ve emptied the groceries onto the conveyor, though, you simply rack the bags on the cart, using the extended rods on top to rest it along the side rails. From there, just sort and pack away.

Available now, the Trolley Bags are priced at $79.99. Now, if only they can figure out how to make me remember to bring the bag every time I go shopping, life will be complete. Or something.

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