Trongs Are Utensils For Finger Foods

Nobody likes getting their fingers dirty when eating.  Yes, even when the food is so good it’s worth finger-lickin’.  After all, you can get a call on your phone any time — do you really want to add all that grease and sauce to the dirt already covering your handset?  These Trongs offer a solution.

Designed for consuming finger foods, it’s a pair of plastic claws that you use in place of your actual fingers.  They’ll let you hold those buffalo wings and hickory ribs as comfortably as with your regular fingers, too, so you lose no dexterity while you dine on your favorite finger grub.

Made from food-safe polymer, the Trongs are utensils that substitute for your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, letting you grab at your food the most comfortable way there is — using your hands.  So why not just go at it with your bare hands?  Because shit gets messy really fast going that route.  Plus, it lets you eat with your hands without washing — very useful when you start hankering for a bite while working on your car, tending to the garden or cleaning horse poo from the barn (okay, maybe you want to wash after that last one).

Aside from messy foods like wings and ribs, the product website claims the utensils will also work great with most any finger food, from h’orderves to sushi to potato chips.  It comes in a single size that should work regardless of how big or small your hands are.

The Trongs are available in packs of two from Amazon.  Price is $2.95.

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