Trophy Bicycle Holders Add Style To Your Bike Storage

In the market for bike racks to hang your pedaled rides up in the living room?  If those industrial-looking mounts don’t look very appealing for that area of the house, maybe you’ll find some appeal in these Trophy Bicycle Holders.

Made by Outline Works Ltd, they’re, basically, bicycle mounting hardware clad in the outlines of erstwhile trophy heads.  That means, they’re bound to find a fitting home in your wall right next to trophies of various beasts of prey.  Or to your inflatable animal heads, whichever the case may be.

The Trophy  Bicycle Holders come in two styles: one shaped in the outline of a bear and another in the outline of a deer.  Both are constructed from solid steel frames with a soft-touch plastic coating to ensure they don’t scratch the paint job on your favorite fixie (or MTB or whatever pedaled ride you use).  Each one comes with mounting hardware for either masonry or brick walls, where it can hold bikes as heavy as 45 pounds.

Since they have different designs, the frames vary slightly in their balance points (40 cm apart for the bull to 37 cm for the deer) and in their protrusion from the wall (29 cm to 28 cm).  Either way, both should fit most standard bicycles, with the horns serving as extra storage space to hang helmets and strapped gear.

Both the Bear and the Deer Trophy Bicycle Holders are available in a small selection of colors.  Price is £79.

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