Tropicfeel Canyon Is A Versatile Travel Shoe That Can Handle Hiking, Swimming, City Use, And More


What’s the ideal travel shoe? We don’t know. For many folks, the answer will probably depend on their travel destination, since the shoes you’ll wear gallivanting around Chicago will probably fare differently when vacationing at a beach resort in the Bahamas. At least, that used to be the case before the Tropicfeel Canyon.

Billed as “the ultimate travel shoe,” the sneakers claim to provide all the necessary support your feet needs, whether you’re exploring the urban jungle of New York City or meeting the varied wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Seriously, the outfit claims it can handle hiking, swimming, and all-around city use with equal aplomb, leaving you ready for whatever surprises your adventures await.


The Tropicfeel Canyon manages its versatile function by combining elements from four different types of sneakers: aqua shoes, hiking shoes, general-purpose sports shoes, and stylish urban sneakers. Touted as an “all-terrain sneaker,” the shoes use a full rubber piece for the outsole similar to hiking shoes, providing the necessary grip in the off-road while weighing light enough to keep you on the move. It has a reinforced toe to protect you from rocks and other hard materials you may run into on the trail, while a wide fit ensures your feet are never squished even when you spend most of the day walking from one place to another.

Drainage holes built into the midsole makes it usable in the water, all while helping the shoes dry quicker as soon as you make it back to dry land. It’s also DWR-treated, so the upper sheds water very efficiently, while the Agion coating leaves it resistant to odor-causing bacteria, so you can get it as wet as you want without stinking it up at the end of the day. The insole is removable, too, just in case you’re worried that it will cause any odor buildup whenever your shoes get drenched.


To ensure comfortable wear, the Tropicfeel Canyon boasts a SlipSock construction that allows the shoe to fit snugly as soon as you slip your feet in, while slide-on knots lets you adjust the tightness with a quick adjustment, eliminating the need to tie your laces permanently. While the rubber outer layer of the outsole provides grip, an inner layer of hard- and soft-density EVA provides the necessary comfort, so you can walk over hard rock and debris without serious discomfort.


The upper, by the way, is made from 3D Space Mesh, a fabric with built-in perforations that allow moisture to evaporate, while enabling good air circulation to your feet to help minimize sweating. It’s made from 70 percent recycled PET bottles, too, in case you want to feel a little more environment-friendly, with each pair using up three and a half bottles’ worth of plastic in order to manufacture. Five colorways will be made available for the initial run: majolica blue, foggy sand, sage green, all navy, and core black.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tropicfeel Canyon. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €69.

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