Track N Go Turns Your Truck Into An Awesome Fun-In-The-Snow Mobile In 15 Minutes

Aftermarket kits that let you replace your vehicle’s tires with tank treads aren’t new. Setting them up on your truck however is neither quick nor clean. Plus, you’ll have to do everything the other way around when putting the tires back in. Not the case with the Track N Go, a set of tank-style treads that attach directly to your tires.

Instead of requiring a good amount of garage work, the kit lets you simply slip each of the truck’s tires into its own tread and lock in. Once in place, just remove the loading ramps, drive it out into the snow, and you’ll be barreling through ice like nobody’s business.

The Track N Go uses a wheel-driven track system that functions like a treadmill, using momentum from the spinning tires to power the treads, so no extra modifications on the vehicle is needed. It’s designed to run on snow (max 40 mph on hard-packed snow), although the treads can also be driven through asphalt roads and sandy terrain if you want to keep it on your truck for everyday driving. Sure, you’ll probably look silly doing that, but people probably feel the same about that dude who drives around in a Batmobile and you think it’s kinda cool. Plus, it makes a great accessory to any wannabe-superhero’s ride, if you’re into that.

The frame is constructed from aluminum and alloy steel, with the treads cut in heavy duty rubber. It can install on, pretty much, any 4×4 truck with automatic transmission, leaf-spring rear suspension, differential automatic lock on rear axle, and tires up to 13 inches wide. Suffice to say, it won’t work on your Mercedes Benz 6×6. ¬†Sorry.

Priced at $25,000, the Track N Go doesn’t exactly seem like a sound purchase for occasional off-roaders. For the rare privilege of turning your truck into a tank and back in just 15 minutes, however, it seems a worthy investment for the right enthusiast.

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