Truco Carry-On Luggage Comes Apart For Fitting Into Tight Spaces

Want to make sure your bigger-than-usual carry-on luggage fits into the overhead bin?    Ditch that bulky box for Truco (Travel Utility Carry On), a spinner luggage that can be split apart for fitting into tight spaces.

Created by Balanzaa, the travel case is actually made up of separate bags that can be strapped together into a single rolling luggage during transit.   With the pieces combined, it looks and measures just like a regular spinner, too, allowing you to pull it along like a standard carry-on luggage.

The Truco can be split apart into three parts: an undersized roller, a briefcase with its own handle that can be clipped to the main bag, and a tote that hooks to the handle and straps on top.  Because the individual cases are much smaller than full-sized carry-on luggage, squeezing them into tight spaces on the plane’s overhead locker after splitting up should be a much simpler proposition.

Aside from the convenient storage during transit, the separate bags should also make it easy to organize your gear (all your clothes on the main bag and your gadgets on the suitcase, for instance).   And when you need to travel light, you can simply leave the two extra bags at home for an even simpler travel stash.

Beat the carry-on system with the Truco, which is available now, priced at $200.

[Balanzaa via GadgetLab]