True Mirror Shows Your Reflection Unreversed

Sick and tired of mirrors showing your reflection in reverse?  Finally see yourself as others do with the True Mirror, a trick mirror that shows your reflection without making your right hand look like your left.

Obviously, this isn’t anything new.  In fact, the design was first patented in 1887 and was probably put to good use by your ancestors back when they worked at the circus as bearded ladies, cannibal men and unicycling clowns (now you know why you’re such a strange dude).

The True Mirror consists of two silvered mirrors housed inside a wooden box, both of them positioned at right angles to create the effect.   It’s only sized for tabletop use (can be wall-hung like a frame, too), so forget about using it to try out your outfits before leaving home.  An adjustment button sits on the right side, which you can use to slightly alter the mirrors’ angles (in case you want to play around with the results).

Because of the size, we’re not exactly sure what you can use this thing for, other than the occasional source of amusement.  Then, again, that’s what we keep buying stupid office trinkets for, right?  Put this in the office cubicle and you’ll be the most popular guy for the entire duration of the workday.

You can get one for £159.00 (around $245).

[Grand Illusions via Red Ferret]