Forget The Handbag, These Trug Baskets Are The Perfect Accessory For A Trip To The Farmer’s Market

Over the years, baskets have fallen out of favor in place of more convenient shopping bags, whether during grocery runs or a weekend trip to the farmer’s market.   If you have one of these Trug Baskets, however, we have a feeling you’ll be exceedingly compelled to leave the shopping bags at home.

Created by English designer Jane Crisp, these are not your ordinary baskets.  Instead, these are stylish, eye-catching baskets that look like miniature pirate ships straight out of Tropico 2. That, or whatever other pirate video game used to pillage all your free time from back in the day.

The boat-like appearance isn’t surprising, of course, as the Trugs are inspired by traditional boatbuilding, using steam-bent wood as its primary material.  General design for all the baskets are the same (same curving strips of wood, held together by boat fixings), although they vary in wood type and accents.  Construction is either ash or olive ash, with strips of brass, copper, or leather hammered onto the timber.

Two sizes are available: small and large.  The small measures 34 x 25 x 27 cm, while the large sizes up to 47 x 36 x 36 cm to handle more of those vegetables, poultry, or whatever else you plan to stack along its hull.  Each one is made by hand.

Whether for picking tomtato vegetables in the garden, shopping the local market on the weekend, or displaying fruits inside the house, these Trug Baskets look like the perfect object to get it done.  Price starts at £99.95.

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