Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Claims To Be…Truly Ergonomic

Does anyone still really care about ergonomic keyboards?   With everyone seemingly willing to type up long texts on a virtual touchscreen keyboard, I’m thinking they don’t.  Obviously, that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from coming up with smarter, less-stressful typing peripherals.  Here’s one of the latest: the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard.

According to its creators, the keyboard uses a design that follows the symmetrical shape and neutral position of the human body.  The result is a bit odd, but not odd enough to be off-putting.  Because of the configuration, they claim it promotes a healthier posture during use, reducing strains in the wrist, shoulder, neck and lower back.

The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard rearranges key placement a bit, splitting the letters into two sides, with a vertical row of keys in between. Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches, which are gold-plated and mounted on a metal plate, are used, providing an independent mechanism for each key that should result in an improved typing experience, apart from lasting ten times longer than conventional keyboard counterparts.  You can choose between silent, light-clicking or liner-feedback keyswitches when you order, as well.

Each unit comes with an integrated cushioned palmrest, which you can remove, in case you’re not into finding extra leverage for your wrist.  It has full N-key rollover (for more accurate keystroke processing) when connected via PS2 and 6-key rollover when tethered to your computer using USB.  Mac, Windows and Linux machines should all be plug-and-play compatible with the peripheral.

You can pre-order the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard now, with deliveries slated for December.  Price is $169.

[Truly Ergonomic via Crunchgear]