Trxstle CRC System Gives You a Versatile Way To Protect and Transport Your Fishing Gear


Yes, you can throw in your rods in the back of the car and drive to your favorite honey hole. If you want to make sure nothing bad happens to your angling equipment, though, stashing them in a protective case is bound to serve you a whole lot better. The Trxstle CRC System offers one of the most convenient and versatile ways to transport your fishing gear.

Billed as a convertible rod carry (CRC) system, the case can be lengthened and shortened according to your equipment size, allowing it to accommodate any rig you’re planning to carry. It can be strapped to your shoulder, mounted on a roof rack, and stood vertically by the wall at the garage, making it convenient to have, whether you’re walking to the lake, driving to the marina, or enjoying your catch back home.


The Trxstle CRC System is a telescoping storage case that you can lengthen to carry up to two fully-rigged fly rods and shorten to stash a standard double rod-and-reel, with the ability to lock in at four different lengths, namely 44.5 inches, 72 inches, 100 inches, and 127 inches. It can carry rods up to 10 feet in length, all while accommodating large arbor reels up to 4.125 inches in diameter. That means, you can use this to carry most types of angling equipment, regardless of what kind of fishing you plan on doing.

A fast clamping system makes it easy to mount on any standard roof rack (round, square, and aero style cross bars), with a low rise to provide a more aerodynamic fit, while a removable strap allows you to equip it for carrying manually once you’re on foot. We know, carrying a 10-foot long case isn’t going to be fun, but if you want your fly rods to be protected while making your way to the water, this thing should do the trick. When mounted, by the way, the case is designed to be positioned such that there’s minimal stress on the eyelets, ensuring those fragile sections aren’t compromised, so your rod incurs no damage during transport.


Inside, the Trxstle CRC System comes with a proprietary soft-walled liner (that expand and contract along with the case) designed to provide protect your rods from getting scuffed, along with padding on the reel section to keep that part of the equipment untouched the entire time. Fully-locking clamps inside the chamber keep the rods from moving while you drive through off-road trails, while a weather-proof build keeps out water and dust, so your gear stays just as clean as it was when you went out on your trip. It’s lockable with a key, too, so you can restrict unauthorized access from kids who might end up playing with it and accidentally breaking your angling gear. Simply put, if you want to make sure you can enjoy your fishing gear without any incident, holding them in this protective case is always a good idea.


The Trxstle CRC System is available now, priced at $325.

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