Tuckaway Stand Is A Neat Attempt At Hiding All Your Home Theater And Gaming Gear Behind The TV

TV wall mounts are awesome, setting your TV up at ideal viewing angles while using up zero floor space in the living room. But what if somebody’s not happy with TV wall mounts because their HDMI-connected accessories still has to go on a nearby desk, but isn’t quite enthused with what TV stands offer either? Well, maybe that person can pick up one of these Tuckaways.

Described as “a superior alternative to other TV stands and wall mounts,” it’s a TV stand that uses the television to obscure all of your wiring and components. Basically, all you’ll see is the TV, along with the two legs and base that support it, with your set-top boxes, power strips, and other home theater electronics hiding in the back.

The Tuckaway, basically, allots a designated space for the TV out front, where it can be mounted to an integrated frame to ensure it doesn’t fall over. It supports all TVs between 37 and 75 inches, putting them at eye-level height when the person watching is seated on a couch or a chair (not counted if you’re sitting on a Sleeping Bear Bean Bag). There’s also space for a soundbar right below the TV. Everything is constructed from metal, with a resilient black finish.

The rear, of course, is where all the action happens. Not only do you get tabletop space in the back for holding home theater gadgets and gear, you get access points to them from the side, so you can change game discs on your PS4 with no problem even with the stand pushed up to wall. The stand comes with an integrated 8-outlet power strip where you can plug all your gadgets in, leaving just one visible wire from the front (the one from the strip to the wall outlet), with everything else obscured from sight. They also threw in an IR repeater at the bottom front panel to ensure your remotes work even with the gadgets sitting in the back.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tuckaway. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $175.

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