Tumbler Buddy Turns Your 20oz Insulated Tumbler Into A Functional Koozie

We’re big fans of reusable tumblers, with their double wall insulation, durable construction, and grip-friendly proportions allowing us to enjoy our favorite drinks at desirable temperatures on the go. They’re just as great to use at home as they are during beach parties, camping trips, and your daily work commute. The Tumbler Buddy wants to make your favorite reusable cup even better by allowing you to turn it into a functional koozie.

Why would you want to turn a tumbler into a koozie? We guess, some people prefer drinking out of a bottle or a can, instead of pouring the whole thing into the cup. This way, you can indulge your preference while benefiting from the tumbler’s double-wall insulation to keep the drinks cool. Additionally, this tumbler conversion adds a cooling facility that allows you to chill warm beer without having to dilute it with ice.

The Tumbler Buddy consists of two components: a stainless steel base that cradles the bottom of your drink (it fits both bottles and cans) and a ring that goes on the mouth of the reusable tumbler to secure the drink inside. To use, place your drink on the stainless steel base, drop the resulting ensemble inside the tumbler, and put the ring on top to lock everything in place. Why not just put the bottle or can inside the tumbler without the base? From what we can tell, the base will keep from rattling around inside, so your drink feels a lot more stable with none of those annoying shaking sensations you’ll otherwise get.

Additionally, the stainless steel base actually hides a neat trick. Between the inner and outer walls, it’s actually filled with quick-freeze gel, allowing you to throw this in the freezer or cooler to chill your drinks as you go. That way, you can enjoy your suds even if you forgot to chill them – just take the base out of the fridge and use it to chill the drink while it sits inside the tumbler.

The Tumbler Buddy is compatible with, pretty much, any 20oz reusable tumbler in the market, whether you own one from Yeti, Hydro Flask, or any of the dozen or so other brands out there, since they tend to all have similar dimensions. Do note, it’s specifically for 20oz cups, as it won’t fit with any of the smaller options out there. According to the outfit, it can fit any 11oz or 12oz bottle of your favorite refreshments, as well as any can between 11oz to 16oz, so it should accommodate most any normal-sized drink serving.

Basically, this koozie adapter turns your tumbler into a Yeti Colster, which is a koozie clad in the same construction as the outfit’s Rumbler line of reusable tumblers. The best part? It doesn’t leave any permanent changes to your mug, so you can use it to enjoy a bottle of beer at a party tonight, clean it up and use it again for your hot coffee in the morning like nothing happened. Convenient.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tumbler Buddy. You can reserve unit for pledges starting at $19.

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