This Travel Jacket Can Transform Into A Comfy Neck Pillow


There are plenty of jackets that fold down into a compact bundle, making them easy to bring along when you’re not sure if you’ll need a coat any time throughout the day. While the Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket can turn into a similarly portable bundle, it doubles up on the utility by transforming into a travel pillow.

A jacket that can bundle up into a comfy neck pillow, simply take off the coat once you’re in the plane, bus, or train, then wear it around your neck to give your upper extremities the cushioned support it requires during trips. That way, you don’t have to bother carrying an extra travel pillow – as long as you’ve got this jacket in tow, you’ll be covered any time you doze off during a long ride.


The Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket accomplishes the transformation using a removable pouch under the collar, which you can stuff with the actual jacket to turn it into a functional neck pillow. Other than the clever dual-function mechanism, it’s, pretty much, a regular travel jacket that’s lightweight (weighs just 0.1 pounds), shapely (it’s got engineered seams), and filled with down to provide plenty of warmth.   Construction is water-resistant nylon, so you can take it in wet conditions, whether you’re running through the rain to catch the last bus or sleeping on a boat because your plane crashed, leaving you stranded on a raft in the water.   Yeah, that really sucks. Other details include front double entry pockets with contrast lining, hidden pockets for sensitive items, and four color options (gray, red, navy, and black).

Available now, the Tumi Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket retails for $135.

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