Tumidei XFit Crams A Gym Inside A Closet

We’ve seen compact home gyms before, but few with as many functions as the Tumidei XFit. It’s literally a full body workout in a closet, affording you with ample provisions for both cardio and strength training.

Home gyms, for the most part, have been about compromises. Lacking the space to outfit an entire line of amenities worthy of your local health club, you make do with a couple of useful items. Most people settle for a treadmill or a bike. Others buy a multi-purpose bench and a few weights. Some make do with one of those strange As Seen On TV contraptions, whose actual effectiveness can be questionable.

The Tumidei XFit should get you a whole lot more. Tucked away, the entire gym folds into a stylish, customizable (to match it with your decor) cabinet measuring 90 x 60 x 160 centimeters. Once you’re hankering for some exercise, though, you can begin folding out the various components, which include a drill rest, a 1.75-hp treadmill with top speeds of 16 kph and a 10% tilt, two sets of bands with multiple anchor points, an exercise bench and two 2kg chrome dumbbells.

You can watch yourself train with the included full-body mirrors on the backsides of both closet doors. To keep you distracted while working out, it comes with a pop-out 19-inch LCD TV with a DVD player. If you’re looking to get in shape without the hassle of travel, this gym-in-a-box should handily play the part.

How much? Errmm…that’s where things get a little dicey. The Tumidei XFit retails for a hefty $6,332, which is just expensive enough to make you want to really use it even when you don’t feel like training. Thing’s got to pay for itself, right?

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