Tuned Pale Ale Supports Your Drunken Musical Inclinations

Ever fancied forming a drunk musical ensemble?  We’re thinking that’s exactly what you’ll get with Tuned Pale Ale, a microbrewed beer with a cleverly musical packaging.

The bottle itself comes with musical scales on the label, so you can use it as an in-tune wind instrument.  Drink it down to the level of the note you want, blow into the mouth and it will play back the exact note.  Chugging beer halfway sounds no fun?  You can always pour the brew in a glass and refill the bottle with water – that way, you can play complete songs with your friends, all while you’re getting pissed drunk.

Tuned Pale Ale’s bottles use a unique washboard shape that allows it to transform into a single-note instrument when you blow into its snout.  Since songs sound flat without a beat, it comes in a case that can also double as drums (sticks included).   This should save you from the inevitable drunk friend beatboxing with no sense – and unleashing plenty of spit in the process.

Created by Matt Braun and Chris Mufalli, only a small batch of the bottles and cases were made, filled with microbrewed goodness.  The duo is currently seeking investors to scale the brewing and distribution.

[2d3d5d via Gizmodo]