Turn Your Luggage Into A Portable Laptop Stand

Sure, you can always scour for a vacant table somewhere in the airport to do a little work while waiting for a flight.  If the place is busy, though, you’ll likely have to settle for a seat at the lounge and your lap for a table.  That doesn’t have to be the case with this Portable Laptop Stand, which uses the extended handle on your carry-on luggage to set up a functional laptop desk.

When docked to your luggage handle with integrated velcro straps, the accessory creates a three-legged table (the handle acts as two hind legs) with adjustable height.  That way, you can work on that spreadsheet at the most comfortable position, rather than having to hunch over and perform acrobatic feats of posture.

The Portable Laptop Stand gives you a tabletop measuring 9.06 x 12.6 inches (w x l), with a weight capacity of 13.2 pounds.  That means, it can hold a fairly chunky laptop capably, so even those 18-inch gaming behemoths are fair game.  The desk even comes with a punctured surface design to accommodate air vents on your computer.

Construction is die cast aluminum alloy, so it should survive getting beat up out of sheer indifference on your part (hey, you’re tired at a busy airport — we understand).  And when put away, the entire assembly can fold into a small pile that you should be able to cram into the same luggage you’re carrying around.

You can get the Portable Laptop Stand from Cotytech, priced at $39.99.

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