Turn Your Stripper Pole Into A Dual-Layer Bike Rack


Have a spare stripper pole lying around the house and a couple of bikes that you need to find space for?  Do what this guy did, turning the dancing prop into a double-decker bicycle rack.

Of course, he didn’t really use a second-hand, used-for-years stripper pole like I would have.  Instead, creator Jules hacked his way into it using products easily available from Ikea (he is the “Ikea Hacker,” after all).

For the pole, he used a $30 aluminum Stolmen post, which is adjustable between 82 to 129 inches so you can stretch it from floor to ceiling (just like they do in strip bars, yay).  Two brackets are clamped onto the post (adjust each according to where you want the bikes to hang), where you can then screw in the hooks (four hooks, two for each bracket).  On the build in the photo, the creator glued some rubber foam on the hooks so they don’t scratch the bikes.

A simple 30 minutes of work that costs less than $50, according to Jules.  Of course, with clumsy hands like mine, I’d gander it will take me at least triple that in time and double that in money.  Good thing I don’t have two bikes, but I do need a stripper pole, so I can play fireman and slide down whenever I feel like it.  And in case strippers want to come to my house, they can feel right at home.

You can check out the full instructions from the original site.

[Ikea Hacker via Gadget Lab]