Turnstone Buoy Is A Tilting, Swiveling Exercise Seat Helping You Burn Calories

Many of us spend the day sitting on our backsides, then come home to do the same thing in our comfy couches.  While you can always get one of those standing desks to shake off some calories, going upright for an entire workday doesn’t sound all that fun either.  And those exercise machine office chairs are just way too big for your cramped cubicles.  Maybe the Turnstone Buoy will make for a more suitable solution.

A stool designed for “active sitting,” it can turn, tilt and swivel while you’re plopped down, allowing you to burn more calories by being active even while you catch up on email, browse on your phone, or play Call of Duty from the comfort of your mancave.  It won’t wobble on its own either, so you can have it standing steady just like any ordinary stool.

The Turnstone Buoy is a standard-looking cylindrical stool that measures 22.5 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter.  Height is adjustable (from 17 inches to 22.5 inches), too, so you can use it both as a work chair and a living room seat.  For the movement, it comes with a curved base that makes active sitting plenty easy, allowing you to do a little core work even while planting yourself in the same spot the entire day.  The curved base has a 5-degree tilt at rest, with the ability to move 12 degrees in any direction you take it.

It comes with side handles for easily moving around the house (or the office), along with a sturdy body and a removable cushioned cap.   The body comes in six bold colors, with the cap offered in over 25 fabrics.

Want one?  The Turnstone Buoy is available now, priced at $214.

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