Turntable Station Brings A Dedicated Hub To Your Vinyl Listening Pursuits


If you’ve invested in a fine-sounding turntable, chances are, your record collection is only going to grow down the line. If you think it’s about time you got a dedicated cabinet for your vinyl listening pursuits, this Turntable Station may be the perfect fit for the job.

Made by Line Phono, it’s a storage furniture designed from the ground-up to serve as a dedicated station for your record player, LPs, and related audio accessories, so you can keep them all in a single, separate space, instead of mixed in with the rest of your AV gear. Whether you rely on vinyl players as a primary music source or an occasional indulgence, this thing should help keep all your gear organized and in the same place.


The Turntable Station comes with four shelves: a top level that can hold a large turntable like the Technics 1200, a shelf right under it sized to hold audio accessories, and two bottom shelves sized to hold up to 100 12-inch LPs apiece. If you want to hook the rig up to a large, booming amplifier, you can use one of the record shelves to house it instead, so you still keep everything within the same close vicinity. Features include record stops in the back and sides, cable management holes, a hook for hanging your favorite headphones, and grooves on three different locations for holding a record cover face up to make them easier to find and retrieve.


If you’re worried about space, don’t be, since the station takes up no more than 2.6 square feet of floor area, so you can stick it in a corner or push it by a pillar without any issues. Construction is MDF, with rounded corners and a substantial weight of 45 pounds.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Turntable Station. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $349.

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