TV Armor Protects Your HDTV From The Threat Of Wayward Wiimotes


With the introduction of motion controllers, the living room has become a dangerous place for your HDTV.  A single overeager swing of a Wiimote, coupled with a loose grip, will be all the accident you need to end up with a $1,000 junk shop fare (most warranties don't cover a broken screen).  The TV Armor swears to protect you from such disasters, outfitting your idiot box with all the protection that it needs to survive a 48-hour Wii Sports marathon.

A straightforward solution for the threat of a damaged screen, the TV Armor adds a durable acrylic shield to your TV's front panel.  That way, you can sling Wiimotes and nunchucks all you want (heck, throw the Wii if you feel like it), without running the risk of even scratching it.

The protective outfit consists of a 0.25-inch thick acrylic panel, held around the TV by see-thru Velcro straps.  It uses optical-grade plastic, which maintains the display quality, so you can see every bit of detail and color as your TV can muster.  The manufacturer claims that thinner screen protectors (which are, usually, what's available on the market) don't provide adequate levels of protection as the TV Armor does.

If you have kids and Wii addicts around the house, a layer like this should prove of immense value.  No more spaghetti sauce to hinder your view, no scratches from toy cars pushed across the screen and no broken displays after a Wii Sports accident.  Sure, it's not the most elegant piece of home accessory around, but it should keep your TV breathing.

The price is a bit much, ranging from $69 to $289 depending on size, so it's not an impulse purchase.  If you could use the protection, though, it just might be worth shelling out for.

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