New Mac Candle Makes Any Room Smell Like A Newly-Unboxed MacBook… Really


Scented candles come in all sorts of pleasant fragrances, from smelling like someone’s hometown to the delicious whiff of marshmallows roasting. If your idea of a pleasant aroma is a freshly-unboxed MacBook, however, the New Mac Candle will let you fill the room with that fresh-off-the-Apple-Store scent.

Made by Twelve South (you know, those guys who make the BookArc, the PlugBug, and tons of other Apple accessories), it’s a scented candle designed to replicate the fragrance of a newly-opened MacBook. Really. That way, you can relive those brief but ecstatic moments of unboxing a new Apple laptop as much as you want without having to actually buy a new one since, you know, you just bought your computer a month ago.


The New Mac Candle is a hand-poured candle made from 100 percent soy wax that’s infused with the recreated scent of a brand new Apple gadget. Apparently, freshly-unboxed MacBooks smell like a mix of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage, rather than a hunk of metal wrapped in plastic and tucked inside a box that’s been sitting on a pile in a stockroom for the last two weeks. It comes with a burn time of up to 55 hours, so you can make the room smell like a new MacBook for the next two days, while minimalist branding should allow it to blend in with any décor.

Available now, the Twelve South New Mac Candle is priced at $24.

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