Organize Your Cables In Style With The Twelve South SurfaceSnap

Since the rise of personal computing, there’s been no shortage of cable management solutions to tidy up the inevitable mess of wires that modern electronics tend to create. Most of them work well. Some of them even look nice. Few we’ve seen, though, look as elegant as the Twelve South SurfaceSnap.

A simple and versatile cable management tool, it allows you to route cables nearly anywhere you want, all while looking very presentable even when you decide to keep it out in plain sight. Whether you’re looking to minimize cable mess in your work desk, keep charging cables out of the floor, or hide all the cables behind the media cabinet without having them all tangled up, this thing lets you do that while looking a lot more refined than most typical solutions.

The Twelve South SurfaceSnap consists of nothing more than a dual-layer leather band with a metal snap button closure. That’s it. To use, you simply lift up the top layer, place your cable on the lower layer, put the layer back, and fix the button snap in place. With that alone, you can use it to keep multiple cables together or hold a rolled up cable in place similar to many solutions out there. The fact that it’s made from leather means you can safely use it to tidy up the cables on your earbuds, chargers, and hard drives when you need to stash them in the backpack for taking anywhere.

To make it even more useful, the band also comes with an adhesive strip in the rear that you can use to mount it onto any smooth surface. That makes it possible to stick it under your work desk, behind the monitor, or right on the wall, allowing you to run your cables anywhere you prefer. The leather construction also allows it to stick to contoured surfaces if you need to run your cables through a non-flat surface, making it quite the versatile cable management solution.

The Twelve South SurfaceSnap uses an adhesive that sticks strongly to any surface, while still being removable enough that you can peel it off by simply pulling on the band. According to the outfit, the adhesive removes cleanly and won’t leave any residue behind when the band is removed. Do note, the adhesive doesn’t seem to be reusable, so you might have to replace it with a different backing strip if you want to reuse after removing.

It comes in two sizes: a 2.6-inch band and a 4.7-inch band. The former has one cable path that you can secure with a snap button closure, while the latter has two cables paths (one on each side), each with its own snap button closure. Two colors are available, black and dove gray, both of which look very presentable that you can keep them in plain sight without creating an absolute eyesore the way most cable management products would.

The Twelve South SurfaceSnap is available in packs of three, which include two 2.6-inch band and one 4.7-inch band. Price is $29.99.

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