A Modular Design Lets You Customize The Twilla Pod-Pillow’s Shape To Fit Your Exacting Comfort Requirements

Different people have different pillow needs. That’s why people get creative when it’s time for bed, using multiple pillows to get the exact kind of support they require to get comfortable. So why not just make a pillow that you can customize to your exact liking? That’s exactly what they did with the Twilla Pod-Pillow.

A modular pillow, it lets you built out your own custom cushion, allowing you to create pillows in custom shapes that are tailored to fit your preferences in bed. Need a pillow with cushier neck support to relieve any pain you have in the area? This will do the trick. How about one that can accommodate different head positions, since you like to toss-and-turn during sleep? Yep, you can outfit this to support that, too.

The Twilla Pod-Pillow is a standard-size pillow that’s lined with light loft filling, which, the outfit claims, provides an “incredibly soft” feel when you lay your head on it. The main cushioning in the actual body, however, is made up of multiple pods, which are miniature pillows fitted with cooling gel foam. According to the outfit, this odorless foam draws heat away from the pillow surface, so it will help cool you down on warm nights on top of providing the necessary cushioning.

The main pillow can be opened through a zippered section on the edge, allowing you to add or remove pods based on what you need to get comfortable. Want heavier cushion on one side and less on the other? Just stack the pods on one side and you’re good to go. Want to create a pillow that mimics the Ostrichpillow’s varying thickness at different sections? Just stack the pods accordingly to simulate the same cushioning and it should do the trick.

The Twilla Pod-Pillow is designed to seamlessly integrate the individual pods to the pillows lining, so it never looks or feels lumpy and uneven. Basically, it’s designed to appear like a regular pillow, albeit with a customizable shape that can fit your needs better. Won’t the pods move? Apparently not. In fact, the outfit recommends giving the pillow a fluff every time you make an adjustment, as it’s what will prompt the cushioning to properly blend and create a smooth sleeping surface. It’s definitely a unique solution we’ve never seen before.

Three sizes of pillows are available: queen (18 x 29 inches), king (18 x 34 inches), and body (18 x 52 inches). Yep, they have a body pillow available, so you can customize the cushioning not just for your head, neck, and shoulders, but for your entire body, too. According to the outfit, the queen size pillow comes with 15 adjustment pods, while the king size includes 18 adjustment pods. The body pillow, on the other hand, gets a whopping 30 pods that you can use to really fill it out. And yes, you can buy additional pods if you think you can use even more cushioning.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Twilla Pod-Pillow has now started shipping. You can get in on the next batches by ordering directly from the website. Price starts at $135.

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