Twist Whisk Goes From Flat To Balloon At The Turn Of A Knob

Multi-purpose cooking utensils like the Spoon Tongs and the Stake may be more novelty than necessity, but they sure as heck make camping in the kitchen to prepare meals just a little more entertaining.  Same goes for the Twist Whisk, a clever contraption that can transform from one type of whisk to another at the turn of a knob.

Created by the elegant stylists from Joseph Joseph, the cooking tool combines two types of mixers in a single instrument: a flat whisk and a balloon whisk.   That way, you can be mixing sauces in a skillet one minute and beating eggs the next without having to dive into your kitchen drawers to pick up a different utensil.

The Twist Whisk measures 11.75 inches long, with four sets of teflon-coated steel wires (so you can use it with non-stick cookware) for mixing  duties and a twisting knob at the end of the handle.   Even if the two-in-one functions don’t impress you, the fact that this makes storage easier by twisting flat should make it a better purchase than a regular balloon whisk.  The mixing wires are also detachable, making clean-up very convenient.

Sur La Table has the Twist Whisk on preorder, priced at $9.95.  Orders ship March 16th.