This Wind Turbine Gets Rid Of The Rotors In Favor Of Flapping Wings


Wind turbines are great for generating clean power. Problem is, the noise and unwieldy size of those spinning rotors are likely to make them a nuisance when installed in residential areas. The Tyer Wind Converter redesigns the wind turbine to get rid of those giant rotors, relying on flapping wings instead to harness the wind’s kinetic energy.

Using a design based on the graceful motions of the hummingbird, it replaces the wind turbine’s traditional rotational motions with a linear one. This allows it to take up a much smaller footprint, all while generating less noise and minimizing the threat to birds (because dead birds scattered all around your neighborhood is probably not a good thing).


The Tyer Wind Converter uses two 5.25-foot long wings that flap in a back and forth figure-eight motion. Because it requires converting linear motion into a rotational one, the turbine doesn’t generate energy as efficiently as traditional rotor-based designs (rated power output is only 1Kw), although the less visually obtrusive should make them a lot more palatable for use around residential neighborhoods and other densely populated areas.


As of now, the machine is in the testing stages, with working prototypes being put through various conditions. Specifically, they’re looking to determine its real-world performance in terms of power efficiency, aerodynamics, material resistance, and durability, so it’s not likely we’ll be seeing any available units soon.

You can learn more about the Tyer Wind Converter from the link below.

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