Typhonics SP-Tiles Are Sound Killers That Look Like Wall Speakers

Want to sound-proof your home theater to spare the neighbors from your 24/7 speed metal marathon, but can’t stand those ugly acoustic tiles like they use in music studios? Line your walls with these Typhonics SP-Tiles, wall-mounted speakers that don’t actually pump music – they swallow it like an aural black hole.

Yep, they’re actually acoustic foam tiles that dampen sound in the room. That way, no one else in the house (or outside it, for that matter) has to put up with your racket every time you play World At War with the volume set to high.

The Typhonics SP-Tiles are sold per tile, so you can start with a couple and just keep adding, in case you realize you need a bit more sound containment than you’re getting. Installing them is pretty easy too – just slap the special adhesive paper on the area you want them to sit in and use a double-sided tape to attach the actual tiles.

We’re not sure about a lot of the details since the retail site is in Japanese, but acoustic tiles shaped and painted to look like speakers shouldn’t be too rare, so there might be similar designs in your local mall. In case there isn’t, you should keep tabs on online importers of Japanese stuff. These things look pretty awesome – I can’t imagine none of them picking it up (or someone else copying them).

[Hectopascal via Oh Gizmo]