These Typo Buttons Will Let You Spell Out Tacky Messages On Your Clothing


People love personalizing their outfits. Sure, it sometimes works. Most of the time, though, you just end up with something you’ll probably never wear again after the initial novelty of your brilliant idea simmers down. The good news? If you make that kind of what-the-heck-was-I-thinking decision with these Typo Buttons, you can just replace them with regular buttons to fix everything again.

Created by Korean studio AND, it’s a set of buttons with letters and numbers stitched into them. That way, people can wear short messages down their shirts, on the cuff of their blazers, and, pretty much, any item of clothing that uses small disks to fasten them. Yes, it sounds tacky. And, yes, it looks just as tacky. Which means you’re probably going to see some people walk around with these things because tacky things have a definite place in the world, especially in fashion.


Each Typo Button looks just like a regular button, except with six holes in its body rather than the customary four. It uses those six holes to sew letters onto the buttons, using a seven-segment typeface that’s somewhat reminiscent of the digital watches from the 1980s. Of course, with the limited number of buttons in clothing items, you can’t exactly spell out long tirades (heck, even a long word is probably out of the question), but nothing’s stopping you from visiting a tailor and having him replace the Velcro closures on your Axe Kevlar Shirt with 15 buttons instead. I’m sure that’s what God made tailors for.


For now, the Typo Button doesn’t appear to be available for retail yet. It doesn’t seem all that hard to drill a couple extra holes on buttons, though, which means anyone who wants to customize their button-up shirts and blazers with tacky messages can totally get in on the action right away.

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