Make Your Own Backyard Studio With U-Build’s Pre-Fab Boxes


Building your own backyard pod sounds like a fun way to spend time. Until you actually start sawing wood, hammering nails, and realizing just how much work it actually entails. Yeah, it’s not easy. What if you can design what you want to build and have someone else cut all the wood, leaving you to simplify assemble the darn thing like a cabinet from IKEA? That’s exactly the service U-Build is offering.

Billed as a “revolutionary self-build system,” the company lets you create a standalone pod on their browser-based software, which you can tailor to any exact size of your liking. Whether you want to build a studio in the garden, a cabin for some land you bought deep in the woods, or an entire house, this thing lets you order just that. Granted, you don’t get much say in the actual design (it’s basically a box), but it does make the process a whole lot easier, especially for folks who struggle with woodworking.


The U-Build simplifies building projects by drilling down each one to a simple design: a rectangular board with frames on all four sides, all of which can be slotted together to build a hollow box. You, basically, take these boxes and attach them to each other using standard fastening hardware (bolts and screws), with full instructions on how to attach the boxes included, so you just have to follow the steps to get the job done. Do note, you’ll need to use your own tools for the builds, so you need to have a hammer and a power drill at bare minimum (you can opt to buy your own fastening hardware or have them bundled with the package).

When ordering a package using the software, you specify the dimensions of the pod you’re building, with the maximum size being 6 x 2.7 x 2.7 meters (depth x height x width). If you contact them directly, though, you can order even larger structures, with the company claiming they’ve had projects use this up to 2.5 stories in height. When ordering, you can specify whether you want windows, doors, roof lights, insulation, roofing, and a breather membrane to be included with the package, all while giving you the option in what kind of wood to use (they have OSB, birch, and spruce listed).


The U-Build is shipped flat-packed, so it’s as efficient a delivery method for a standalone pod you can probably ask for. Each part, by the way, is CNC-cut for precision, ensuring all the measurements are accurately followed, eliminating any complications when cobbling them together. While it’s designed for building small standalone studios and pods, the outfit claims that the system can also be used to design indoor partitions, furniture, and other projects. You will, however, need to contact them directly for more custom creations.


Are these safe? According to the outfit, they have in-house architects and construction specialists that actually verify the designs are sturdy, so there’s no need to worry about the darn thing crashing down. Provided, of course, you fastened all the screws and tightened all the bolts.

Learn more about U-Build from the link below.

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