uArm Swift Pro: You Can Program This Robot Arm To Serve As A Handy And Versatile Assistant


Ever see an industrial robot arm and silently wish that there’s a residential version that you can put to work at home? Now you can with the uArm Swift Pro, an open-source robot arm that you can program to do whatever dastardly things your mind can come up with.

An Arduino-powered robot arm, the rig boasts four-degrees of articulation for executing complex movements, with a joint that moves using a customized gearbox and stepper motor module. A parallel mechanism structure allows it to weigh a light 4.9 pounds, too, ensuring you can move around the house without any issues.


The uArm Swift Pro comes with a suction cup, a gripper, a universal holder, a 3D printing finishing kit (yep, it will finish your 3D objects for you), and a laser engraving kit, each of which can be attached to the head to accomplish any desired tasks. For control, it can be manually operated either via mouse-and-keyboard or a companion mobile app, as well as programmed using a graphical interface based on Blockly. It can also learn movements by physically moving the arm, as it can remember motion sequences and repeat it when triggered.


Do note, it handles maximum payloads of just 1.1 pounds, so while it can carry a brush and paint your walls, you won’t be able to use it to hold your power tools in the workshop. It’s compatible with a variety of tools available in the market, too, including those from GroveKits and OpenMV.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the uArm Swift Pro. You can reserve a unit starting at $449.

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