UCO Grilliput Duo Is An Actual Grill That Fits Inside A 13-Inch Tube

There’s no shortage of portable grills in the market. In fact, we’ve featured a bunch here, such as City Boy Picnic Grill, Fold Flat Grill, and Fuego Element Portable.  So far, though, we haven’t seen anything that can pack as small as the UCO Grilliput Duo, which crams an entire barbecue rig inside a single tube.

Measuring just 11.4 inches long and 0.9 inches in diameter when packed for transport, there’s literally no way you can’t find space for it in your bag.  Heck, you can slip it in your backpocket, walk around with the darn thing sticking out, and you’ll be fine.  It weighs just 19.8 oz, too, so it won’t add that much heft to your stash.

To use the UCO Grilliput Duo, take out the stopper at the open end, remove all the components, and start putting them together.  It assembles into a grill area measuring 9.1 x 10.2 inches, which should be large enough to let you cook half a dozen burgers at a time.  The whole thing is minimalist, with the grill designed to be painstakingly assembled before being placed over an open charcoal fire, so it’s not exactly the most convenient grill to use.  Still, if packing light is a priority, this is exactly the thing you’ll want to bring to the trip.  Construction is stainless steel, with a bail for hanging in storage and grooves for cleaning soiled grill bars.

The UCO Grilliput Duo is available now, priced at $29.99.

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