Ukraine Building Gets A 100-Foot Crossword Puzzle That Solves Itself


“I live over at the giant crossword puzzle.”   I’m assuming that’s what the residents of this building in Lvov, Ukraine tell people when asked where they’re staying.  With a large crossword puzzle installed on the side of the structure, it’s one address no one’s about to get wrong.

Crossword addicts will probably shiver, excited at the sight.  Unfortunately, they’ll just end up in fits, as you’ll have to scale that sheer wall if you plan on filling up those blank spaces yourself.  Until those vacuum gloves go into production, their best recourse is to just solve it with replica sheets distributed at various places throughout the city.

Created as a part of a city-wide art installation, clues to the puzzle are scattered all throughout Lvov.  You’ll have to find them one by one if you’re hoping to solve the giant crossword.  Designed as a way to encourage people to visit the town’s interesting locations, they’re distributed among popular city landmarks, like theaters, monuments and museums.


How do you know if you got the answers right?  You’ll have to wait till nighttime, when the combination of the installed lighting system and the fluorescent paint fills up all the boxes with the correct answers.  Measuring 100 feet in height, it is truly a sight to behold, especially when set against the backdrop of the evening skies.

[via English Russia]