Ulaelu Puts A Modular Outdoor Kitchen In Your Backyard

Cooking outdoors is fun.  It’s one of the reasons why weekend grilling sessions always feel more special than your nightly dates with the kitchen cooktop.   So why not just bring the kitchen to the backyard to make all your cooking fun?  That’s exactly what you can do with Ulaelu, a modular kitchen that’s purpose-built for outdoor use.

The basic unit of the Ulaelu is the aluminum frame, which comes with an empty top and storage area with thermo-treated ash grates at the base.  It measures 850 x 610 x 1520 mm, making it compact enough to find space for anywhere in the backyard.  From there, you can customize the top with a variety of modules, equipping it with whatever you need to properly cook outside the house.

Need a worktop?  They offer two sizes, both of which are made from natural stone, making it weather-resistant, knife-friendly, and ideal for sitting under a gas cooker.  A drainer can also be integrated right into the worktop, so you can quickly get rid of leftover liquids while chopping and dicing your ingredients.   Since you’ll be washing your food and dishes, you’ll need a sink and the Ulaelu can be equipped with one.  The sink, which measures 295 x 595 x 130 mm, comes with its own tap that can hook up to an existing garden hose for its water source.  If you want to move your grilling to the same rig, there’s a charcoal grill module, along with a firewood rack, so you can finally put that overpriced Best Made Axe you bought years ago to good use.

Pricing for the Ulealu starts at $2,700.

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