Ultimate Audiophile, Meet The Ultimate Speaker


Anything with the word “ultimate” can’t help but be extreme.  Ultimate Fighting, for instance, is a scary sport where scantily-clad men roll and hug on the ground, beat each other senseless and lock in a friendly embrace after it’s all over.  That’s extreme.

So is the Ultimate speaker from Transmission Audio, a handmade speaker that costs $1 million per channel.  That means you’ll need to shell out an even two-mil for a stereo setup – more, if you’re hoping to get the full home-theater experience.  Yep, ridiculously extreme.

What do you get with your seven figures?  Each Ultimate speaker consists of six open-baffle dipole panels that measure nearly seven feet tall, occupying a total of 18.5 feet side by side.  Each speaker comes decked with 40 15-inch subwoofers, 24 8-inch woofers and lines upon lines of tweeters (both 2-inch and 1-inch wide).   It manages an output of 31,000 watts and can generate up to 146db SPL, enough loudness to let you hear your music even with a jet plane taking off…right next to you.

I never really got audiophiles and, as such, I have a hard time wrapping my head around this setup.  Still, if you have a large room with a 40-foot wall, over seven feet of headroom and reinforced construction materials (I assume you need it, in case you accidentally crank the sound system to play at full volume), to go with a ton of disposable cash and a hankering for the best sound experience available, the Ultimate speakers should definitely be the next item in your shopping list.

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