This Ultimate Chicken Roaster Promises Perfectly-Cooked Birds


There’s no shortage of roasting racks for both grills and ovens available in many kitchen supply stores. The Ultimate Chicken Roaster, however, claims it can outdo every single one of them, with its patent-pending design that suspends a chicken upside down.

Why suspend it? Doing so will reportedly allow for 360-degree heat circulation when cooked inside an oven or a closed grill, ensuring evenly-cooked meats with crispy, golden skin that they claim will taste better compared to the roasting racks you’ve been using to cook your birds this whole time.


Additionally, hanging the bird on the Ultimate Chicken Roaster will force all the savory juices from the dark meat to continually baste the white meat during roasting, ensuring even the less-appetizing parts of the chicken will end up as juicy and succulent as the rest. Measuring 7.5 x 8.5 x 11 inches, it can be set up in any of two positions: one that elevates the chicken high and another that brings it closer to the grates (for ovens and grills without a lot of headroom).

To use it, you start by sticking the hanging rod through the body of the chicken and mounting it on the rack, tucking in the wings and hooking up the legs to the included hooks to keep them in place (no tying with tine necessary). Construction is stainless steel that’s designed to stand up to the intense cooking heat.

Available exclusively from Williams-Sonoma, the Ultimate Chicken Roaster is priced at $29.95.

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