Ultimate Geek Pen Puts Five Useful Tools In A Single Writing Instrument

Me, carry a pen?  Not unless it’s the Ultimate Geek Pen, a multi-tool writing instrument that bundles five awesome functions in one.

Clad in a slim silver form factor measuring 5.25 inches long, the writing tip pops out when you twist the rear metal end.  Twist it in the opposite direction and a second tip reveals itself: a stylus that you can use with touchscreen devices.

But, wait, there’s more.  Three more, in fact.  Press the top button on the Ultimate Geek Pen and it turns on the green laser pointer (class IIIa laser), allowing you to both make presentations and blind people using a single ray.  The bottom button lets you cycle between a LED flashlight (for disarming bombs inside a pitch dark building) and a UV counterfeit note lamp (for reading secret messages written in invisible ink).

The flashlight is attached to a flexible rod, located on the opposite side of the pocket clip.  That way, you can move it around for a more precise aim.  Of course, you’ll need batteries to power the thing, too.

Granted, the Ultimate Geek Pen doesn’t add any earth-shattering tools to your arsenal.  The fact that all those come in a single bundle that can fit in a corner of your back pocket, though, is pretty neat.  It’s available for $9.95.

[McPhee via Red Ferret]