Meet The Ultra-Customizable Ultimate Hacking Keyboard


Despite the name, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard isn’t just for guys trying to break through a secure server’s firewall. Instead, it’s a keyboard designed to deliver customizable ergonomics, allowing you to hack into the most comfortable typing position on the fly.

Made by Ultimate Gadget Laboratories, it’s a mechanical keyboard that can, literally, split in half, so you can arrange them at any preferred ergonomic angle. Whether you want to mimic the placement of your favorite split keyboard, type in an ultra-wide spread so you can posture like a big boss, or type at the weirdest, most uncomfortable angle for the heck of it, this thing will give you exactly what you want.


Aside from the split feature, every key in the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard can also be remapped for both individual apps and running macros (it comes with a configuration software), so you can customize every stroke, whether for simplifying your Excel workflow or more efficient gameplay. As you can see, there are no dedicated function buttons, but it has multiple modification layers that let you turn the traditional QWERTY keys into function keys, number pads, and even mouse control. Yep, you can move the mouse arrow on the PC directly from the keyboard, so, other than to grab a sip of your coffee, you can keep your hands on the keys the entire time.


You can specify the kind of Cherry MX switch that you prefer during order, with a choice of either blue, brown, red, black, clear, or green.  It comes with different key layouts for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is currently crowdunding on Crowdsupply. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $200.

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