Ultimate Survival Shotgun Turns A Regular Firearm Into A Multi-Tool

If keeping a shotgun by the side of your bed helps you sleep better at night, we’re thinking you’ll be lulling like a baby with this thing next to you: the Ultimate Survival Shotgun.

Made by a Survival and Preparedness instructor, the firearm works just like any regular shotgun, letting you unload 12-gauge shells and slugs for blowing rotting zombie heads into a splatter.  More than that, though, it’s a veritable survivalist multi-tool packing a whole load of gear to help you stay alive  wherever the post-apocalyptic migration takes you.

The Ultimate Survival Shotgun starts out life as a Mossberg 500 Pump-Action blaster (which can hold 7 + 1 shells), duly modified with various aftermarket and custom pieces to perform its newfound versatile duties.   What exactly does he add?  Take a deep breath and check out the list:

  • Two side saddles for ammo  that can hold up to 11 spare cartridges.
  • A 5-inch bayonet knife under the barrel (detachable)
  • A tactical flashlight on the barrel
  • A compass
  • A hollow buttstock that stores a saw, trash bag, fishing kit, two non-lubricated condoms for use storing water, water purification tap, reflective blanket, small first-aid kit, Carmex lip balm, whistle, Bic lighter and snare wire
  • A hollow vertical grip that stores a fire-starting kit
  • A hollow pistol grip that stores a multi-tool
  • A braided paracord gun sling
  • An American flag bandana (just in case it’s a World War)
  • A custom plaque with some scary bible verse

Suffice to say, the Ultimate Survival Shotgun definitely lives up to its name with all that stuff strapped to your shoulders, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.  More impressively, all those modifications added a mere 2 lbs. to the firearm’s weight, leaving it plenty usable for actually waging warfare, too.  Head on over to the link below to get a rundown of where you can buy all the added stuff tacked onto the base shotgun.

[via Art of Manliness]