Can’t Leave Home Without Your Nintendo Switch? Use The Ultix MagGo Sling Bag To Bring It With You Everywhere

Yes, you should be able to squeeze your Nintendo Switch and its accessories into a backpack or whatever other bag you’re carrying for the day. If all you’re really bringing along is the Switch so you can play during downtimes, though, it’s probably better to leave the backpack or messenger at home for something that’s even more compact. Something like the Ultix MagGo Nintendo Switch Travel Bag.

Designed to hold the Switch and its accompanying accessories, the sling bag is the perfect EDC case for folks who can’t bear being away from their handheld console for a good portion of the day. Want to play some Mario or Zelda during a flight, but don’t want to haul a large carry-on to your plane seat? Take this bag instead. Can’t stand not checking in on Animal Crossing every time you get a short break at the job? Keep this thing on hand and your Joy-Cons will always be within easy reach.

The Ultix MagGo is a small bag that measures 6.1 x 11.4 x 2.9 inches (width x height x depth), with a strap that can be adjusted to two positions, so it can be carried either across the body like a sling bag or over a shoulder. It has two main compartments, one in front and one in the back, with the front designed as a dedicated slot for the Nintendo Switch and the rear serving as a catch-all to stash any additional accessories you decide to bring along.

The rear compartment has three pockets for organizing whatever accessories you’re bringing for the day (whether it’s for the Switch or general EDC gear), while a removable 12-card slot is also included, in case you need to bring a bevy of SD storage along. There’s an internal charging hole connecting the front and rear compartments, by the way, which you can use to charge the Switch out front from a battery pack in the back.

To make it easy to retrieve your handheld console even while you’re on the move, the Ultix MagGo Nintendo Switch Travel Bag’s front compartment uses a quick-release magnetic closure system that allows for one-handed opening and closing. The same design, by the way, leaves no exposed hardware, so there are no rough metal parts that can nick or scratch your console while you put it in or take it out. The rear compartment, on the other hand, uses a more conventional two-way zipper closure.

Construction is PU fabric for the shell, which offers a splashproof and flexible protective layer, while an EVA shield and a rubberized layer underneath provides waterproof protection and reinforcement against impact. The front compartment is also heavily padded in key sections to ensure your portable Mario machine is doubly protected, so you can trust that your console stays safe within its confines. Features include a ventilated back panel, YKK zippers, and magnetic buckles on the strap.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Ultix MagGo. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £48.

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