Ultra-Armored 2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur


A luxury car, even one that’s devoid of much flash like the 2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, should get you plenty of attention. What it doesn’t afford you, however, is security. That’s until you deck it in military-grade B6-level protection, that is.

This Bentley currently on sale at JamesList converts the car from a super-luxury vehicle to an ultra-safe, battle-ready ride that should leave the worst paranoid in the world feeling comfy inside its protective shell. It’s fully armored to keep occupants safe, all while showing virtually no alteration from the outside and creating no compromises on the 552hp V12 engine’s 197 mph top speed performance (though, I doubt it doesn’t suffer even a little bit with all that extra weight).

Modified by JS Armoured, the warzone-friendly Bentley’s subtle but potent updates should instill confidence in your safety. These include ballistic steel doors, pillars, overlaps and sides to make it impenetrable to most common threats. All windows are replaced with bullet-proof units that are inviolable from the outside but can be taken out with enough force from the interior. Other safety-fostering changes include tires that can run flat, an explosion-proof tank, kevlar flooring, exploding hinge bolts (in case you need to make a speedy exit) and a self-contained oxygen supply system, among many others.

It’s a pretty insane tuning, but one that I reckon any billionaire who values personal safety wouldn’t want to travel without. The heavily-armored 2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur is currently on sale, with two units available, for $500,000, which is a little over $300,000 more than what the stock Flying Spur is going for.

You can actually buy it at James List