Umbra Conceal Vertical Display Makes Your Books Float Up The Wall

Sometimes, a coffee table book is so good, it deserves more prominent placement than the good old coffee table.  Like having it mounted up a wall.  And when it comes to that, there are few wall shelving solutions we’ve seen that do it as creatively as the Umbra Conceal Vertical Display.

Designed by Viktor Jondal and Miron Lior, it’s a wall-mounted shelf that makes it look like your book was floated up a wall by a powerful wizard.  Or help up there by a powerful glue.  Or something like that.

Each Umbra Conceal Vertical Display, which measures 5.75 x 7 x 1.5 inches, can hold just one book, giving the hardback prominent placement while keeping itself out of sight.  It’s not completely inconspicuous (you can see two small notches from the rack at the bottom to keep the book from falling over), but any trace of the shelf is near-impossible to notice without closer inspection.   Any book up to 1.5 inches thick and 5 pounds in weight can be mounted on the stand, so your gigantic 75 Years of DC Comics will probably have to stay wherever you’re keeping it today.  Your Bentley Book, GOAT:Champ’s Edition, and most other hardcover favorites should be fair game, however.

The Umbra Conceal Vertical Display is available now, priced at $15.

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