Una Grill: This Charcoal Grill Is No Bigger Than A Large Thermos Bottle


When you see the Una Grill inside its carrying case, a cooking contraption is the last thing you’d probably have guessed. With a compact size that appears no bigger than a large Thermos bottle (seriously, it’s smaller than that Ammo Box Grill and that Barbecue Toolbox), this thing is about as portable as charcoal grills can get.

Measuring 17.1 x 4.2 x 6.6 inches (length x depth x width) when collapsed, it’s a perfect size to carry by hand or squeeze inside a large backpack, making it easy to carry with you anywhere you’re going. Whether for a picnic at the beach, a tailgate party at the parking lot, or a camping adventure with friends, this just might be the most convenient way to bring a non-disposable along, so you can enjoy burgers, hotdogs, and your favorite steaks with most minimum of hassle.


The Una Grill consists of five separate pieces: a high-temperature coated steel case that serves as the grill’s enclosure, an ash collector that snaps into the case, a charcoal grate that goes on top of the ash collector, a cooking grate that lays on top of the charcoal grate, and a lid that keeps the whole thing in place when not in use. The case, by the way, holds the charcoal grate well above the table surface, so there’s little chance of burning the tabletop when cooking with this thing. In case you’re still worried about scorching the table, the lid can be used as a stand if you want to put the grill at an even more elevated position. The actual grilling case is painted in plain black, although the lid comes in five different colors, namely blue, white, red, gray, and turquoise.

Because all the pieces can be easily removed, the grill is perfectly easy to clean, since you can simply take it apart and throw each component in the dishwasher. All the parts are made from stainless steel, by the way, with only the carry handle cut in a different material (leather), so everything should stand up well to both high cooking temperatures and all the elements it will encounter in the outdoors.


The Una Grill’s cooking grates has a recessed cooking grate to ensure food doesn’t fall off when flipping you meats over. Cutouts on the end serve as position guides when cooking using skewers, with the grill able to accommodate two sticks filled with food at a time. No word on the exact size of grill top, although the compact size means you probably won’t be able to cook more than three decent-sized burgers at a time.


With the grill’s compact size and convenient form factor, it makes bringing grilling equipment outdoors more convenient than ever. Just carry a cooler to hold your meats, a bag of charcoal to use as fuel, and throw your favorite condiments inside a backpack to be ready to cook in a jiffy. Seriously, if your pair it with an equally compact cooler, you can probably carry the whole thing in a single backpack.

Want one? The Una Grill is available now, priced at $139.

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