This Survival Kit Will Keep You Alive For Those Crucial First 72 Hours


According to Christian Schauf, founder of Uncharted, most survival situations get resolved within three days. Whether you’re lost in the woods, shipwrecked on an island, or stranded on the roof by 10 feet of flood, there’s a good chance help will come within those 72 hours. As such, any survival kit you have on hand should be enough to last you for that long. That’s the idea behind Uncharted’s Seventy2 Survival Kit.

Designed to see you through the first 72 hours of any emergency situation, it combines over 30 carefully-curated tools and supplies, complete with easy-to-understand instructions.  All the tools are organized by need, ensuring you can get to them in a straightforward and intuitive manner.


The Uncharted Seventy2 starts out with a rolltop backpack to hold all your tools and supplies, with a reflective logo to improve your visibility, a flashlight mount on the shoulder strap, and an integrated emergency whistle. Airtight construction allows the pack to be used as a water carrier or a floatation device, with a rigid exoskeleton frame and plastic inserts that you can use as snowshoes and splinters in a pinch. It comes with an insert bearing printed survival instructions.


As for the actual contents, the bag comes with immediate survival stuff, such as food (18 Datrex food bars), a water pouch, a water bottle, a water filter, a water syringe, 10 hours’ worth of heat packs, and a first aid kit. They also throw in an eight-function multi-tool, chem lights, a survival knife, a fire-starter, a thermal space blanket, a survival tent, Eton’s FR1 (radio, flashlight, and power bank), five yard of duct tape, 100 feet of paracord, 50 antibacterial wipes, gloves, a beanie, goggles, a shovel/pickaxe, two disposable lighters, a CREE Q5 LED flashlight, sunscreen, and an air filtration mask.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Uncharted Seventy2. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $300.

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