This Packable Windbreaker Can Transform Into A Thick And Warm Jacket


Packable jackets are great, allowing you to have an outerwear garment on hand while taking up minimum space in your luggage. Problem is, packable jackets tend to veer more towards windbreakers than thick and warm coats, making them unsuitable for those times the weather ends up colder than you expected. The Uncharted Supply Hideaway Jacket changes that.

Well, sort of.

Like other jackets that compress into a small pouch, it’s more of a lightweight windbreaker that can shut out wind and rain, while being totally incapable of offering any protection from cold air and chill. Unlike them, it comes with strategically-placed panels all around the garment, which you can stuff with your choice of insulation. From clothes and towels to dry leaves and newspapers, you can, literally, make it a whole lot warmer just by utilizing whatever materials are available nearby.


The Uncharted Supply Hideaway Jacket is made from ripstop waterproof nylon, so it should perform durably enough for camping and outdoor adventures. It packs into a size no bigger than a coffee mug, too, so it can fit in most backpack pouches, the back pocket of your cycling jersey, and a whole load of other small places. That way, you can keep it in a bag, always on the ready for when the weather takes a turn for the worse, allowing you to always be prepared for the most inclement conditions.


Available now, the Uncharted Supply Hideaway is priced at $49.99.

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