Undercover Backpack Doubles As Privacy Curtain For Changing Clothes On The Go


Remember Undress, the dress that also doubled as privacy curtain? That was quirky, but ultimately useful. Problem is, you can’t really expect guys to wear a dress in public. That’s why the company behind them released the Undercover Backpack, a drawstring bag that can transform into a privacy curtain.

Like any bag, you can use it to carry clothes, shoes, and other types of gear. Unlike them, the darn thing has a large zippered opening on the bottom, allowing you to enter the bag from the top and use it to cover up your body, so you can change shorts, underwear, or any other clothing without leaving yourself exposed.


During use, simply engage the cord lock of the Undercover Backpack to tighten the top opening until it holds securely on your body. Girls who want to cover their tops while changing their sports bras post-workouts can also can also use the webbing as a lanyard and hang it from their necks to keep the privacy curtain in place. Yes, those are all things you can, pretty much, do with a large enough towel, but having this should save you from carrying extra gear, since the whole thing can serve as your actual backpack, too.

Construction is a quick-drying and odor-resistant fabric, making it ideal for use during runs and workouts. Features include an internal water-resistant pocket, a secret stash pocket, a zippered side-access opening, and an exterior pocket sized to hold a pair of sunglasses.

Available now, the Undercover Backpack is priced at $69.

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