Undress: This Dress Lets You Change Outfits Right In The Middle Of The Street

Sure, you may never get in a situation where you will need to change your clothes in public. Most people tend to plan around wardrobe changes, after all, so having to change into office clothes from your running gear right on the jogging trail doesn’t exactly figure in the kinds of things most people concern themselves with.  But what if you do get into one of those situations?  Now, you can prepare for it with the Undress.

Described as a “mobile changing room” for women, it’s actually a dress that serves as a wearable curtain of sorts for covering up while you change into a different set of clothes.  The dress is designed to make it possible to keep you clothed while you take your regular clothes off and put new ones on, then quickly come off as soon as your new attire is set, making it easy to slip into a different outfit whether you’re in the parking lot, the gym, or in the middle of a busy intersection.  Yes, it will still look really weird, but you’ll never be naked at any point.

The Undress actually looks good even when worn on its own, so you can leave the house wearing it and just slip into something more appropriate when you get to wherever you’re going.  It’s also highly packable, with an integrated bundling system that allows it to fold and lock into a very compact pile.  Construction is a rayon/polyester blend, with double stitches and overlocks in seams, ensuring it will never tear right in the middle of an outfit change.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Undress.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $69.

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