Fold Your Own Unicorn 2013 Calendar Brings Papercraft Magic Ponies

You love papercraft.  And unicorns.  And you believe deep down in your heart that all the doomsday predictions are false and 2013 will come peacefully just like every other new year.  The Fold Your Own Unicorn Calendar is exactly what you need to pick up.

Made by Accord Publishing, it’s a 12-month calendar you can use to keep track of the days and week of the coming year just like all the promotional calendars you’ll likely receive before the year ends.  Except it does everything else one better by coming with punch-out pages that you can use to handcraft 3D paper unicorns for your amusement.

The Fold Your Own Unicorn Calendar measures 12 x 12 inches, with an included reinforced loop for easily hanging on a hook. It comes with 12 pages of punch-out unicorn parts, with each page able to form one 3D unicorn (one for each month).  The unicorns aren’t just run-of-the-mill horses with horns, either — instead, each one come with its own personality, including pirate unicorns, hippie unicorns and a unicorn doing Christmas duty in an embarrassing reindeer get-up.

All the 3D paper unicorns come in full color designs, so these can make beautiful pieces for your unicorn lair diorama.  And, yes, unicorn lairs exist — that’s where Ke$ha gets all her glitter from, after all.  No, really.

You can get the 2013 Fold Your Own Unicorn Calendar from Amazon, priced at $14.99.

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