Universal Game Selector Lets You Load Three DS Cartridges At A Time

Cartridges should go away for mobile gaming.  With memory so cheap and ubiquitous,  I should be able to store all the titles I want to take on the road without having to bother with those easy-to-lose tiny boxes.   With that said, it’s something you’ll still have to deal with to get your Nintendo fix.  This Universal Game Selector eases the hassle somewhat.

Created by Memorex, the case provides three cartridge slots that you can use to hold a trio of your favorite games.  Like other similar cases, you can switch between each game on the fly without having to go through the usual routine of loading a new cartridge every time, making for a less laborious alternative.

The Universal Game Selector itself plugs to the cartridge port on the handheld console  and switches control over to either one of the three slots.  The case draws its power from the console, so there’s no need to fuss with another gadget to charge.  All versions of the DS (Lite, DSi, XL and 3DS) are supported, although the 10.5mm frame does add some noticeable bulk to the bottom of the game unit.

If you hate carrying spare cartridges for fear of losing them (or, more likely, your kids losing them), this accessory should make hitting the town with the DS just a lot more convenient.  Of course, it’s still not as convenient as ditching the DS for an iPod Touch.  At any rate, the Memorex Universal Game Selector should be available soon for just $19.99.