Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper Works For All Occasions


Hate shopping for wrapping papers?  I do (well, I detest shopping for anything actually).  Why can’t somebody just print one that will be fitting for all gift-giving occasions?    Oh wait, turns out someone did and this Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper should do the trick nicely.

Created by Fabio Milito, the all-season wrapper is simple white paper with a bunch of letters printed on it.  The letters aren’t random, of course, with twenty different greetings hiding among the matrix of lined characters.

The Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper comes with a cheat sheet, in case you’re really bad at puzzles and can’t figure out where “Happy Birthday” is.  Oh yeah, in case you’re giving just one gift for multiple occasions (say, it’s a belated birthday gift and an advanced Christmas gift) because that’s how cheapskates roll, all you have to do is encircle multiple greetings and you’re done.

According to the product page, the Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper is currently sold out.  Since it’s just a letter matrix printed on a sheet of paper, we’re pretty sure you might try to print one on your own printer.  Just don’t forget to send some royalty donations to the inventor.

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