Build Gorgeous Geometric Shelves Using The Modular Up The Wall System


There’s nothing complex about this Up the Wall shelving system. Each one is, basically, a pair of shelves that you can position in asymmetric cross-shapes. Except for the fact that you can connect one set with as many sets as you want, allowing you to build a custom shelving solution that puts funky geometric patterns up the wall.

Created by Bent Hantsen Studio, each set consists of one long shelf (74 cm) and one short shelf (60 cm). Both come with a built-in cutout on the body (along one far end), where you can insert the other shelf in a perpendicular manner. I know, it’s not very efficient, since the vertical rack serves as nothing more than decoration, although it does create a unique aesthetic that you won’t get with a simple horizontal shelf. Aside from the shelves, it also comes with cylindrical connectors that secure each point of intersection between two shelves.


To add more sets to an Up the Wall shelf, you simply mount a new set with one end touching another end of the existing shelf and use the cylindrical connectors to keep them together. Granted, it sounds easier than it likely will be, since you’ll still need to mount the new shelves with their own hardware if you want them to serve as functional storage. If you’re willing to put up with the work, though, the resulting structures can look very flattering, whether you install them in the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen.


Available now, Up the Wall is priced at €183 per set.

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