UpCart Redesigns The Hand Truck To Climb A Flight Of Stairs


Similar to any hand truck, you can use the UpCart to haul heavy cargo around the backyard. Unlike them, it comes with a novel design that lets you easily pull it up a flight of stairs, allowing you to use it to haul stuff like furniture, building supplies, and other heavy objects upstairs.

It does that by replacing the pair of wheels on traditional hand trucks with two sets of three-wheel hubs, with two wheels regularly in contact with the ground during use. When the hubs hit an obstacle (like a hump on the ground or a stair step), they immediately turn on the central axis, allowing it to continue rolling while being pulled up instead of needing to be lifted manually.


The UpCart combines the unique hub design with a wide wheel base for easily making its way up a flight of stairs, along with rolling over humps, curbs, and uneven terrain without requiring any manual lifting. With a carrying capacity of 150 pounds, it should make for a handy hauling tool around the house, whether you’re hauling a giant cooler full of beer to the neighbors’ backyard for a barbecue, moving furniture around, or bringing annoyingly heavy stuff to the bedrooms upstairs.


A height-adjustable handle allows you to tweak it to ideal pulling settings, with a collapsible design that folds in both the cargo plate in front and the wheel hubs in the back. Once unfolded, it automatically locks, so just load up the cargo and start pulling.


Available now, the UpCart is priced at $89.95.

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